Studies That Validate Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic therapy has been historically utilized to cure a bucket list of problems; from spinal disc herniation to sciatica. But researchers have always speculated that the medicinal discipline holds the potential to possibly treat other kinds of ailments as well. Now, new studies and cases are demonstrating that chiropractic therapy can indeed cure some unexpected health issues.


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental disorder that typically afflicts children. It has many symptoms, but basically it makes children more fidgety, unfocused and restless. While this may seem harmless, it has some stark repercussions; such as fall in academic performance.

New research is showing that Network Spinal Analysis can help treat people with ADHD. According to the study, people who underwent the chiropractic procedure reported improved attention span. Their behavior after two months was noted for having improved significantly.


An experiment has concluded that chiropractic therapies improve the condition of patients afflicted with asthma. A seven year old male boy was presented by his parents for chiropractic care because he regularly suffered from chronic asthma and allergies. It was observed that over time, his condition improved dramatically as he continued to receive chiropractic care.

According to the people observing the experiment, the boy developed a much stronger immune system to combat diseases, something that therapeutic treatments are known for. In addition, they found that the boy’s struggles with asthma had been relieved. After about a year of treatments, he was reported as having overcome all of his health related different woes.


In a phenomenal incident, a woman was able to conceive a child after undergoing chiropractic therapy. She had visited the chiropractor in an attempt to ease pain in her neck after being involved in a car accident. But that one session evolved into an eight month long period of chiropractic treatments, at the end of which she started ovulating again; she was able to get pregnant.

These reports, and many more, have surfaced in recent years as more in-depth, innovative and extensive research is conducted on chiropractic therapy. While more research is needed on them to verify their claims, it is nevertheless surprising that these specific ones have reached such a conclusion.

If this trend holds, then chiropractic therapy may indeed be the ultimate drug free and non-invasive homeopathic treatment method. If you have any queries about our services at Cascade Spine & Injury Center, contact us by dialing (503) 766-4881. We provide the best back pain treatment in Portland. Our team is acclaimed for its professional approach and warm hospitality. Book an appointment at our chiropractic clinic in Portland online.

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