Seek Massage Therapy and Improve Life Expectancy

The quest for greater life expectancy is often a difficult and arduous one. Healthy nutrition, exercise and a clean environment are all difficult benchmarks to reach.

However, a quick and easy method to add years to one’s life is to regularly visit a local chiropractic care center to avail massage therapy.

Studies have demonstrated the many benefits of chiropractic and massage therapy exercises and how they lead to a greater life expectancy. Here are some of the most ground breaking discoveries about the art and science of chiropractic care.

Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a leading cause behind numerous health conditions, including heart attacks. The only known treatment methods of the condition were drugs and dramatic changes to one’s lifestyle to make it healthier.

However, research conducted by the Sherman College of Chiropractic demonstrated how chiropractic care for neck adjustments helps ease hypertension.

In an experiment including African American participants, researchers found that those undergoing chiropractic therapies had significantly lower blood pressure. This new find is ground breaking, especially for those seeking to reduce their blood pressure in a drug free way.

Boost Your Immune Systemwhite-blood-cell-543471_960_720

An experiment has found that an average massage session with a certified professional significantly increases the number of white blood cells within the body.

White blood cells are one the body’s main defenses against invasive diseases. They also help mend any gashes and wounds that a person might incur. Thus, a boost in their quantity in an average blood stream improves general health.

Moreover, the same study also found that therapy helps reduce inflammation, high levels of which can lead to heart related ailments, within the muscles.

Reduce Stress Levels

Massage and chiropractic therapy are well known for their stress physio-1778029_960_720reliving abilities. However, many people do not realize how beneficial this trait really is.

Massage therapy helps reduce the quantity of the chemical, vasopressin, within the brain. Vasopressin is regarded as a hormone that makes a person engage in aggressive and deadly activities and behavior. I can lead to dangerous situations such as careless driving and engaging in illegal activities. By decreasing its quantity in a brain, the person can indulge in safer, legal and more responsible actions.

Massage therapy has many far reaching benefits for the human body.

Aside from eliminating pain within the body, it can help one feel refreshed, improve the digestive tract, and even increase life expectancy. Cascade Spine & Injury Center is one of the finest chiropractic care institutions in the state of Oregon.

Our rehab and exercise therapy clinic in Portland has a highly qualified staff that can provide you with professional massage and chiropractic therapy.

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