Reject Surgery! Why Chiropractic Care Can Make You Look Stunning

Plastic surgery has become routine for many women and families in urban America. There is nothing wrong with having the desire to look beautiful, but spending thousands of dollars on invasive surgery has some glaring downsides. From simple scarring – which is ironic – to outright organ damage, there is a lot of potential for something to go wrong when getting plastic surgery. That is why instead of these expensive surgical procedures, go for the alternative path to looking stunning; chiropractic therapy.

The Key is Not What You Think

Many women go to extensive lengths to improve their façade. But the face is not necessarily the sexiest feature of your body that men are attracted to; it’s your figure. Kim Kardashian has come to epitomize what contemporary female beauty is about, and her claim to fame is not her facial beauty, but her voluptuousness. Advances in make-up technology have negated the need to get plastic surgery and implants for the face. It’s the body that needs to be focused on and chiropractic therapy can help you develop the iconic curvature that the Kardashians have come to symbolize.

It’s Practical

Studies are increasingly concluding that the role of the buttocks was vital in earlier hunting-gatherer societies. This is because the ideal 45 degree curved buttocks would be capable of shifting a pregnant women’s center of mass back into the hip area as during pregnancy, the added forward weight is stressful for the spine.

Women with a large, curved bottom do not see their maneuverability dropping until late into the pregnancy, ensuring that they can forage longer. Moreover, due to the decreased risk of spinal injury that they face, they are also able to carry out multiple pregnancies safely. This evolutionary advantage is thought to be the reason as to why men find large buttocks attractive; because women who have them have a greater chance to successfully carry their gene forward.

How Chiropractors Help

Chiropractic therapy is all about fixing one’s posture through strategic spinal manipulations. Bad posture is not just terrible for health; it also wears down the body. Misaligned spines cause people to become hunched and walk in an unnatural position. You do not need implants to make your buttocks swell, all you need is some treatments for subluxation and your buttocks will swell on their own. By properly aligning your spine, your bottom will back into their natural, defined posture. In fact, the Kardashains are big fans of the medicinal discipline.

Moreover, there are a number health benefits to look forward to. We are one of the premier chiropractic clinics in Portland. Contact us today by dialing (503) 766-4881 to learn more about how our professional chiropractor can help you.

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