How Rehab Therapy is Vital to Recovering From An Accident

The recovery from an auto-accident is a slow and gradual task if left up to the body’s own devices. Therapeutic treatments are intended to expedite this process by stimulating specific factors inside the body. Rehab and exercise therapy is intended to help restore your motor functions by putting you back in control of your body’s mobility. Here’s how it is crucial to recovering from accident injury.

The Problem With Convention

We have made great strides in improving automobile safety. After witnessing the harrowing statistics of automotive accidents, we introduced many features inside our cars such as ABS and air bags. But despite all these advances, we have yet to craft any mechanism to counter whiplash. Seatbelts were among the first gear we made mandatory in all vehicles. While the seatbelt holds the torso back, the forces of inertia during impact cause the head to rock and forth on the neck. This leaves severe internal trauma along the spine.

While conventional treatment methods such as neck braces and drugs are an option afterwards, they aren’t treatments as much as they reduce the pain. Without them, you will suffer from spasms of pain, but they do little to actually speed up healing. Neck braces actually impair movement and Opioid painkillers are addictive. Getting safe and noninvasive rehab therapy is a far better strategy than them.

Understanding Rehab

Rehab therapy involves special movement and muscle stretching exercises that are intended to help ease tissue and bones into performing exactly as they are supposed to. By strengthening ligaments, it will ensure that people will not relapse into injury easily afterwards.

Why Us?

We at the Cascade Spine & Injury Center are a treatment facility that aims to service patients suffering from pain related problems. We primarily offer chiropractic for neck pain, shoulder pain or one of the various problems that are the result of car accidents. But we combine them with various other pain treatment methods, including rehab therapy.

This is because while a chiropractor will be able to adjust the spine and make sure all the sources of pain are gone, there will be some weak ligaments left in the body that should be strengthened through rehabilitation to ensure that they do not get injured again.

Therefore, contact our chiropractic clinic in Portland to get the best pain treatment in the state. You can be in an urgent state following a car accident and seen a consultation fast. So use our online booking system that will give you the earliest possible time slot that you find adequate.

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