Why We Are Regarded As One of the Best Chiropractic Clinics in the West Coast!

Our chiropractic clinic in Northeast Portland has received widespread acclaim among the local population. Many wonder what makes our pain treatment so popular.

Here’s is a quick look into our customer friendly services to understand what made us successful.

Easy Online Booking

Having a chiropractic consultation is as fundamental to basic healthcare as regular visits to the dentist or optometric is.

Chiropractors ensure that their patient’s body functions are performing at their optimum. Because of this necessity, people want to be able to book a session as simply and quickly as possible. Our easy to use online booking system allows just that.

You schedule an appointment at any time instead of waiting for business hours. The system lets you view all available slots, making it easier for patients to get the earliest possible session.

This advantage is vital for injury victims who need chiropractic care as soon as possible.

Spanish Version

As of 2014, 12% of Oregon’s population is Hispanic. This means that there are many in Portland that feel much more comfortable with reading Spanish.

The 21st Century citizen prefers getting familiar about a service before availing it, so that they get the best. We want our blogs and other information to be available in Spanish so that we are able to expand our services to another large segment of the population so that they can also avail our chiropractic services.

Individual Care

Chiropractic therapy, as well other noninvasive treatments, relies on the treatment being catered to specific needs. To maximize results, the best chiropractor will adjust his or her treatments to accommodate the needs of each patient.

While some might see this as a drawback, it is in fact another triumph over traditional drugs.

Medicines are made to appeal to a mass market instead of individual needs. This means that they often carry unneeded allergens and side effects. The personalization of our chiropractic treatments ensure that everyone gets precisely what they need.

Our Holistic Approach

We do not just provide orthodox chiropractic therapy; we innovate and offer some of the most revolutionary pain treatments that combine chiropractic therapy with massage therapy. This combination enhances the results. We also offer a variety of other treatments such as hot laser, rehab and exercise therapy to ensure that our patients feel thoroughly rejuvenated after walking out of our clinic in Portland.

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