How the Psychological Aftershocks of Whiplash Haunt Victims

It is estimated at every 14 seconds a person somewhere in the world is injured in an automotive accident. This figure is probably greatly underplayed as it does not factor into account the people who suffer from internal trauma and psychological distress as a result of the crash. Whiplash is a far more serious problem than many imagine; here is how it can impact your life.

How Does it Happen

Whiplash is a physical injury, albeit an internal one. But to understand its mental ramifications, it is important that one first understand what whiplash does. It is the product of abrupt movements of the neck as the vehicle collides. The swinging of the head causes trauma all throughout the spine, which leads to even more problems. From developing chronic back pain to sciatica, all are the possible results of failing to get appropriate pain management treatment in the wake of the collision.

The constant pain and impaired mobility causes distress to the patient. Whiplash can create a near constant tingling sensation across various points in the body. Headache, fatigue and dizziness are common feelings among patients. All of these physical problems make the patient feel physiologically at unease.

The Mental Element

These pervasive background sensations can seep into a patient’s norm if they do not have them treated through chiropractic care. Untreated whiplash’s symptoms can afflict a patient for months, or even years. People become irritable, which in turn causes insomnia. The sleep deprivation causes a sharp drop in productivity. The constant pain and functional impairment also makes one distracted and suffer from memory loss. Some patients also report the development of blurred vision and ringing in the ears.

All of this culminates to create severe depression and stress in the victim. Stress has been scientifically concluded as being responsible for causing deterioration in every aspect of one’s being; it can be outright deadly.

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