Painkillers Are Dangerous: Why You Should Not Use Drugs to Overcome Pain

Opioid painkillers have become a fundamental characteristic of American medical care. Many people cannot imagine a life without access to these drugs. This is despite the fact that there are safer alternatives available that do not risk health.

Painkiller Addiction is Sweeping America

Opioid painkillers display similar characteristics as regular drugs. They are taken to dull the pain by forcing the brain to release the neurological chemical dopamine.

Dopamine makes people feel elated and happy. It is a vital chemical in the brain and the regular release of it forces the body to adapt to its presence.

An abrupt end to the drugs’ intake causes severe withdrawal—symptoms of which include diarrhea, vomiting and insomnia.

These characteristics make taking prescription painkillers a slippery slide. People can very easily become dependent on the substance despite because of its addictive power.

Nearly half of all Americans know somebody who is, or has been, addicted to prescription painkillers. They are also recognized as a gateway drug. Many people who use them sometimes start taking heroin when they cannot gain access to them. Moreover, it is very easy for abusers to overdose on painkillers.

What’s the Solution

Painkillers are often prescribed for minor instances that do not need such powerful drugs. A quick session with a chiropractor will be more than enough to alleviate feelings of discomfort.

Pain is sometimes the result of important arteries and nerves becoming constricted because of misaligned bones squeezing them. When something passes through these jammed parts, spasms of pain are experienced. This is especially a problem in the spinal region, which is prone to misalignment. Adjustments by a professional chiropractor will enhance the flow in these channels.

Many medical experts have suggested that opioid painkillers should only be prescribed to people with chronic pain problems. But even this suggestion is hollow as chiropractic therapy has the potential to treat it too.

Why risk taking dangerous substances, when a drug-free and non-invasive cure is available?

Chiropractic treatments are the ideal pain killing medical procedure. They guarantee that people get their necessary pain relief, without use of side-effects. If you are in search of a leading chiropractor for chronic pain relief, contact us by dialing (503) 766-4881.

Dr. Jonathan McClaren is a highly acclaimed chiropractor that combines the medical discipline with other therapeutic methods such as massage.

Our chiropractic clinic in Portland is stocked with the latest technology that allows our patients to be free from discomfort in their own body. Book an appointment with us today to get safe and thorough pain relief.

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