Been in a Car Accident? Visiting a Chiropractor May Help

Being in a car accident can be frustrating and confusing, especially when you don’t feel the effect on your body until afterwards.  The good news is, we can help diagnose and treat the whiplash.  

We are offering a complimentary consultation if your accident occurred within the last 30 days! Get scheduled today. 

Techniques that we use to treat whiplash injuries

Reduction of Inflammation: Ultrasound therapy and interferential electrical stimulation are therapies that are commonly used to reduce inflammation in the neck and back caused by whiplash.

Spinal Manipulation:  With this treatment, the chiropractor identifies the neck joints that are misaligned

Stretches and Other Strengthening Exercises:  Muscle relaxation or stimulation starts with gentle stretches to the muscles experiencing excessive tension or repeated contractions.


Dr. Jonathan McClaren

Clinic Owner/Clinic Director/Chiropractic Physician
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