Important Things Your Massage Therapist Wants You to Know

Massage therapy was once relegated to the role of a relaxant. Only a certain demographic that needed to ease itself out of pain in their ligaments sought it. But now, people have come to grasp the many health advantages that therapeutic massage brings.

Yet, many people are still understandably nervous about their first massage therapy experience. If you are one these people, here is what massage therapists want you to know.


One of the most pervasive reasons patients have for feeling nervous is that they worry about what the therapist would think of their body.

This is a very understandable feeling. Being partially or wholly nude in front of a total stranger can be embarrassing for some.

However, professional therapists perform their treatments in the most professional of environments. While you may feel anxious at first, their cordial yet expert disposition will gradually make you feel at ease.

In addition, if you still feel nervous, simply wear as much clothing as you feel comfortable in. Most massage therapists are very accommodating and will adjust their treatments accordingly.

Moreover, therapists see potentially hundreds of people daily. Obesity, body hair, scars and birthmarks are nothing out of the ordinary for us. We are solely dedicated to improving the health of your body.

Body Functions Don’t Stop

Everyone reacts differently to massage therapies. In certain instances, you may have the sensation of passing gas. Please understand that this is not in the least bit uncommon.

Massage therapy improves bowel movements and the digestive system; such events are proof of that.

Similarly, if you doze off mid-session, don’t feel embarrassed. Many massage therapists actually receive this as a compliment. It means you felt relaxed enough that you could not help but fall asleep.

Other things such as men getting an erection or burping are also common natural occurrences. We understand that these are natural functions, out of your control, so relax.

Of course, getting the most professional and health oriented massage relies on your therapist. Do not compromise your standards. Visit only the best massage therapy provider in your area.

We are a massage therapy clinic in Portland that not only provides the treatment, but also combines it with chiropractic therapy to maximize results. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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