The Great Benefits of A Good Posture

Good posture is as innate to human life as breathing or sleeping. Many of our body’s most vital functions rely on it to make sure that they can function optimally.

Here is how good posture can improve your lifestyle.

Improves Memory

A study by Indiana University has found that standing upright is fundamental to maintaining a healthy memory.

While previous studies have demonstrated that good posture is great at improving children’s learning abilities and attitudes, this one shows that its influence extends far deeper inside our bodies.

Improves Circulatory

It’s not just that good posture is as important as breathing; we need to position ourselves appropriately for the sake of breathing. When we slouch, we constrict vital airways and nerves. By sitting and walking upright, we open up these channels.

In addition, sitting upright also keeps blood vessels. Since blood flow is free, the heart doesn’t need to work harder than it naturally should. Constricted air valves and blood vessels strain the heart. It then needs to work overtime, which can lead to cardiovascular illnesses.

Good posture improves breathing and heart functions as one does not struggle to get the fresh oxygen into their lungs because of pinched valves.

Improves Appearance

Standing upright is vital. This is a universally accepted standard. Moreover, an upright position makes one appear assertive and confident, which is important for career success, irrespective of gender.

Improves Productivity

The combined effects of poor posture on the circulatory system and spine reduce productivity among employees significantly. The spasms of pain caused by subluxations can be stressful. Speaking of which….

Improves Behavior

Stress isn’t just mentally taxing; it also compromises immunity. Moreover, the weakened immune system can make us vulnerable to external biological threats, such as bacterial infections and viruses.

Our bodies are extremely flexible. That doesn’t mean we take it for granted and push our limits. Eventually, your body will succumb to the pressures.

Sometimes, the wear of years of bad posture can make subluxations in the spine difficult to overcome.

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