The Crucial Role of Chiropractic Care in Modern Sports

Sporting events symbolize the strength of the human body. The coming together of people from different places, of different ethnicities, is a showcase of our ability to cooperate and peacefully engage with one another. But despite the timelessness of this vast field, it has continued to evolve and adapt with the ages. Chiropractic therapy plays an important role in modern sports; here’s what you need to know about it.

The NFL Loves it

Football is arguably one of the most symbolic sports of the USA. But its roughness and tackling maneuvers can have horrible consequences on the athletes’ neck and spine health. That is why many football players, including some prominent ones opt for chiropractic care.


In addition, a study has found that a majority of NFL trainers use chiropractic services, with 77% having players treated by them. Another 12% refer players to their services, even if they have no official contract with any of them. 31% of NFL teams also have an official chiropractor as a part of their staff so that their players can be treated for injuries as soon as possible.

Excellence in Baseball

Baseball combines the ruggedness of football and the meticulous precision of golf to create a sport that harmonizes the two. Playing it not only requires a body in its peak condition, it also needs mental fortitude. Baseball players do many things to achieve both of these things. Studies are now indicating that a player’s performance can be optimized through simple chiropractic maneuvers.

The experiment found that chiropractic adjustments and athletic performance were directly proportional to one another. These findings demonstrate how removing vertebral subluxations is great for improving motor skills in a body.


Improve Your Mental Capabilities

Another study has concluded that chiropractic care improves a player’s reaction time. Published in the Chiropractic: The Journal of Chiropractic Research and Clinical Investigation, the researchers discovered that people who get chiropractic treatments respond to stimuli up to 30% faster than those who do not.

Sports demand athletes to deliver their best at all times. Chiropractic care is an entire discipline dedicated to freeing the nervous system of constrictions so that the body can operate at its peak. These two together are an ideal match. If you are looking for a reputable chiropractic clinic in Portland, contact us. We have been treating people looking to improve their athletic performance or overcome a sports injury for years. Book an appointment with the best chiropractor for sports injuries in Portland today!



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