How Chiropractic Treatments and Massage Work Together

The best chiropractic treatment clinics have a tendency of also offering patients massage therapy services. While both of these therapeutic treatments are different from each other and manipulate different parts of a human body to produce results, they are nevertheless perfect in combination.

They complement each other’s abilities and work together to make a person feel reenergized.

Hence, many reputable chiropractors’ work often utilizes both treatment methods alongside one another to achieve the best results. By taking advantage of them together, people can rejuvenate their body and ensure that it works at its optimum.

To understand how chiropractors help neck pain, shoulder pain, and back pain among other ailments by combining these two; one must understand how massage and chiropractic therapy work.

Essentially, they both rely on non-invasive body manipulation. While massage therapy concentrates on loosening muscles, chiropractic therapy adjusts the subluxations within a spine to free a constricted nervous system.

Chiropractors Are Better Therapists

A vital fact to bear in mind about therapeutic treatments is that chiropractors need advanced medical training in-order to perform treatments. This experience and anatomical knowledge cannot be compared with that of a standard massage therapist; while they may make a person feel refreshed, they do not have the training of a chiropractor.

A chiropractor can carefully study a person’s body. This helps them identify deep rooted problems within the body and use both massage and chiropractic treatments to resolve them. Hence, many people recommend going to a chiropractor to seek assistance instead of massage therapists as they will be able to recognize and diagnose problems that typical therapists simply cannot.

Chiropractors’ Techniques

Chiropractors deploy massage therapy several times when a patient undergoes treatment under their care. These may include:

  • When the muscles are stiff, a professional chiropractor will use massage to ease them so that he or she can provide chiropractic care for neck adjustmentsand spine adjustments. Tense muscles can be a hindrance to a chiropractor’s manipulation capabilities and by softening them, a chiropractor will be able to reach the bones.
  • Nerves are not just stifled because of out of place bones; they can also be suffocated by hard muscles. Chiropractors can help liberate these small nerves alongside the main ones near the spine, thus providing a more wholesome experience.

Only the best and most highly qualified chiropractors are capable of combining these two disciplines together.

Dr. McClaren is one of them. He regularly uses massage therapy alongside his chiropractic skills to ensure that every part of his patients’ bodies is performing at their peak when they are discharged. Book an appointment with us online so that you can avail the best therapeutic treatments in Northeast Portland.


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