How To Find Relief From Hip Pain After a Car Accident

Suffering from hip pain can be an excruciating, even debilitating, experience, especially when it is the result of a car accident. Maybe you already know the cause of your pain and you’re looking for ways to get relief. Maybe you’ve been searching for answers to what could be causing the pain in the first place. …

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Understanding Nerve Pain After Car Accidents: Types, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

You’ve recently been in a car accident and have a couple of cuts and bruises — but you are also experiencing numbness and tingling in your arms.  You ask yourself, “Isn’t this normal? Won’t this annoying tingling just go away on its own?”                  Unfortunately, no.  Numbness and tingling are not normal, and they do not…

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Injuries From Airbags: The Risks, Common Injuries, and FAQs

We all know airbags are designed to save lives.  In fact, they’re a key factor in helping many people walk away from car accidents without serious injuries.  But although many owe their well-being following an auto accident to airbags, what about the safety of airbags themselves? Do airbags cause injuries?  In this post, we explore…

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