Body Aches You Shouldn’t Ignore –Part I

You feel that twinge at the bottom of your spine? What about that slight itchy ache between your fingers that has been nagging you for the past week.

There are a lot of aches and pains that we ignore throughout the day. We think that they may be our regular pains come with overworking your body and overindulging on Mexican food.

However, we fail to notice when those pains and those pains start to differ.

Here, we present some examples of the types of aches in your body that might be trying to tell you something.

What Your Body Ache is trying to tell you

Chest Pain

Chest pain can mean a lot of things. You may have slept on the wrong side or may have a gastric issue. However, if you get a heavy feeling on your chest, and feel the pain radiating to your arms or up your jaw, it may be more serious than you think.

Although, if you feel the pain originating from a tightening of a muscle, consult a chiropractor to determine the musculoskeletal origin of the issue. It may not be serious, but it will work as a solution for your pain.

Digestive Pain

Sure, we all suffer from different stomach-related pain symptoms now and then: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and heartburn.

But one symptom that should up your antennas is that of abdominal pain. Acute abdominal pain can mean many things, from gall bladder pain to appendicitis. If your symptoms come paired with abdominal pain, go to the doctor right away.

Painful Urination

There’s nothing normal about feeling pain when you go to the toilet.

Painful urination can translate to a urinary tract infection. But if it’s paired with blood in your urine, a fever or even a backache, visit your doctor. You may have a bladder or kidney stone.

Back Pain

Any pain related to your spine or back should be taken seriously.

Although a common pain, most people mistake it for weariness or an effect of getting older. But if your back pain is associated with any weakness of your leg, or bladder dysfunction, it could be a cause of compression of the nerves.

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