Body Aches You Shouldn’t Ignore – Part II

Adding to the list of body pains we usually suffer from and the ones we shouldn’t ignore, here are some more indicators of the aches we should pay attention to.

What Your Body Ache is Trying to Tell You

Severe Headache

Everyone suffers from headaches. But not frequent severe headaches. If your headaches are unrelated to any activity, the outcome may be more serious than you think. Take some time off and rest. But if the pain does not subside, consult with your doctor immediately.

Leg Pain

There is such a thing as good pain when it comes to exerting yourself through exercise. But if the pain is severe, or if there is any tenderness or swelling in one leg over another, there may be a possibility of a blood clot.

In addition, if your leg pain becomes worse with lower back pain, you may be suffering from sciatica. In that case, book an appointment with your chiropractor (or call us) so you can prevent further pain.

Back Pain with Toe Tingling

If you’ve picked up heavy weights recently (like your living room couch), you may be feeling a slight soreness and pain in your back. However, if that pain does not go away with anti-inflammation medication, visit a chiropractor—one of your spinal discs may be pinching your nerves. Without proper attention, such conditions can result in permanent damage of your nerves.

Kidney Infection

A dull, dragging pain in your mid-back is an indicator of a kidney infection. However, this pain can worsen fairly quickly and can cause fever and nausea as well. If your pain starts increasing with flu-like symptoms, contact your doctor immediately since kidney infection can lead to greater damage, if antibiotics are not administered.

Endometriosis Pain

This is a warning for the ladies.

If you are not able to alleviate your menstrual pain through medication or a heating pad, get yourself checked for endometriosis.

A condition associated with your menstrual cycle, it can cause the lining of your uterus to develop non-cancerous cells on the outside as well as other parts of your body. This can lead to unbearable pain and infertility, if left untreated.

Taking Care of Your Health

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Our affordable services and information ensure that you stay in the best shape. If you want to know more about your body and how you can prevent any further aches and pains, book an appointment by calling (503) 766-4881.

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