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Why Your Back Hurts!

Your spine hurts, you feel miserable and you’re blaming your heels for the pain you’re suffering. But are you right? Although heels do cause lower back pain, according to various studies, they are not the only culprit for your aches.

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Does a Lumbar Support Pillow Really Help?

Lumbar support pillows are hands down one of the best ergonomic accessories when it comes to providing the right support to your spine. People with distorted spines can greatly benefit using a lumbar support pillow daily. What makes this pillows special is that they are highly flexible, meaning they can be easily molded according to…

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Body Aches You Shouldn’t Ignore –Part I

You feel that twinge at the bottom of your spine? What about that slight itchy ache between your fingers that has been nagging you for the past week. There are a lot of aches and pains that we ignore throughout the day. We think that they may be our regular pains come with overworking your…

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Why We Are Regarded As One of the Best Chiropractic Clinics in the West Coast!

Our chiropractic clinic in Northeast Portland has received widespread acclaim among the local population. Many wonder what makes our pain treatment so popular. Here’s is a quick look into our customer friendly services to understand what made us successful. Easy Online Booking Having a chiropractic consultation is as fundamental to basic healthcare as regular visits to…

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Important Things Your Massage Therapist Wants You to Know

Massage therapy was once relegated to the role of a relaxant. Only a certain demographic that needed to ease itself out of pain in their ligaments sought it. But now, people have come to grasp the many health advantages that therapeutic massage brings. Yet, many people are still understandably nervous about their first massage therapy experience. If…

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How Rehab Therapy is Vital to Recovering From An Accident

The recovery from an auto-accident is a slow and gradual task if left up to the body’s own devices. Therapeutic treatments are intended to expedite this process by stimulating specific factors inside the body. Rehab and exercise therapy is intended to help restore your motor functions by putting you back in control of your body’s mobility.…

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