Meet Dr. McClaren

Dr. Jonathan McClaren

Clinic Owner/Clinic Director/Chiropractic Physician

The passion that fuels Dr. McClaren as a chiropractic physician began at an early age and with a steady desire for learning and practicing health and well-being. Over the years, many chiropractors have helped him heal from injuries, improved his function, flexibility, well-being, athletic performance, and helped prevent future injuries through education and rehabilitation. Based on these experiences, Dr. McClaren naturally chose to become a chiropractor! He is thankful every day for the ways in which he helps his patients heal and improve their quality of life.

He completed his doctoral training at the University of Western States, here in Portland, Oregon. Dr. McClaren completed his undergraduate training at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is licensed to practice as a chiropractic physician in the state of Oregon, and is credentialed by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

He has obtained extensive post-doctoral training in fields relating to the focus of his practice on traumatic injuries. He is credentialed in the diagnosis and triage of the traumatically injured patient, whiplash, rehabilitation, MRI spinal interpretation, accident reconstruction, electrodiagnostics, biomechanics, and other related fields.

He is certified in Spinal Biomechanical Engineering, by the State University of New York at Buffalo, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, and the Academy of Chiropractic Post Doctoral Division.

The Appeals Court of Oregon has determined that Dr. McClaren may testify in court on the topic of Biomechanical Engineering.

He is accredited as an Accident Reconstructionist by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstructionists.

He is trained in electrodiagnosis and performs Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV) studies and Needle Electromyography (Needle EMG) studies.

He has published articles on MRI assessment of diffuse axonal injury, and the efficacy of radiofrequency ablation for chronic facet and radicular pain.

Dr. McClaren has extensive experience in treating whiplash and other traumatic injuries, and truly enjoys working with these types of patients.

He is a volunteer builder with Habitat for Humanity, and lives with his wife and two children in Portland, Oregon.

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