5 Bad Habits to Break to Prevent Your Back Pain

Back pain is not easy to deal with. Once it comes along, it takes time, effort, and patience to get yourself back to the state of health you were in before. It’s best to take preventative measures and break a few habits that might be breaking your back.

Poor Posture

Having a poor posture can have a significant and permanent impact on your spine. Having a consistently bad posture can lead to structural changes in the spine, and eventually serious back problems and a whole world of pain.

If you sit all day at a desk, try sitting in a way that supports your spine, and make sure to take regular breaks to walk around. Ensure your posture is correct while standing as well, so that the strain on your back can be reduced.

Being a Couch Potato

Sitting all day is going to get you nowhere but on a straight path to back issues. The lack of exercise is of course a significant factor affecting general health as well as back health.

If you don’t exercise, all the right muscles won’t be being used. You’re more likely to be overweight as well, which can put a lot of strain on the spine too. Make an effort to be more active and indulge in sporty or physical activity on a daily basis for the sake of your spine.

Lifting Heavy Objects

Yes, we all need to do some heavy lifting from time to time but it’s best to avoid it, if possible. If you do have to do so, lift in the correct manner. Make sure to bend your knees and focus the weight on your legs. It’s imperative to keep your back straight and not twist around—that could get you in trouble!

Wearing High Heels

We all know everyone has their fashion needs, but high heels are one that comes with a cost. The strain wearing heels puts on your spine and muscles of the leg is extremely damaging, particularly if you are a regular heel wearer.

Ignoring What Your Body is Telling You

If you’re feeling any form of pain or tension, it’s time to work on fixing it. Ignoring it and hoping it goes away is not a constructive solution. Even ignoring it will bring your muscles under duress, adding to the stress and intensifying the problem. Listen to your body and make your way to a professional.

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